Dawson Dredge, Dawson City, Yukon

Frightful sounds are regularly heard inside the dredge but are not spoken about in the Yukon.

Fairbanks Dredge, Fairbanks, Alaska

Researchers are planning to record the sights and sounds reported by residents who live near this famous dredge..

Pedro Dredge, Chicken Alaska

A recent entry, state workers tasked with a cleanup operation reported mysterious vandalism at the site..

Sumpter Dredge, Sumpter, Oregon

The most-ducumented haunted dredge is home to the ghost of dredge worker Joe Bush, who was killed while on the job...

Tuolumne Dredge, Patricksville, California

Located on two continents, reports have originated in both countries detailing similar paranormal activity. Unusual in that it has been partially reclaimed by the woods around it.

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